"Design has not only to appeal, it should provoke an opinion as well."

Victoria Palm

Victoria successfully studied product design in Dresden and has been back in her home town Ulm since 2019. There she founded her own studio for product and communication design. Through her internships in New York, Amsterdam and Dresden she gained experience in fashion, furniture and jewellery design. For her, design is a combination of clarity and structure with a pinch of individuality that makes it special in a very personal way. She loves to work, to immerse herself in themes with people and to create beautiful and timeless things for them. 


Why is it so important to talk about sustainable things?

In today's world our social structures are opening up more and more and this makes it possible for us to consume worldwide without always being aware of the consequences. Likewise we are already very keen to preserve the earth and life on it. A development of materials that are recyclable, degradable and reusable is one part to work against this. But this area has also become a major economic factor, which attributes its benefits not only to sustainability but also to profit. Through development we consume products made of sustainable materials, but by no means are they always sustainable. Thus Victoria also sees it as a task with her design to create clarity that we can grasp, so that something is created that lasts and at the same time gains individuality through the long-term use of the individual. In such a way that we don't want to give it away because we simply find it beautiful. 


VP DESIGN&CONCEPT is looking forward to create beautiful things for and with you to last for a long time.