Magunetto – create your wardrobe

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Photocredit: Tom Witschel

Paint a picture of circles and lines on the wall and it becomes three-dimensional and can be used to hang or to store the beautiful things in life. That is the idea behind Magunetto.


Magunetto is a filigrane wardrobe storage system that can be individually designed and adapted to your needs. As a connection it uses the power of magnets. The inspiration for Magunetto can be found in the abstract drawings of Wassily Kandinsky. It is the idea of making a point, a line or a surface three-dimensional and connecting them with each other. The result is a simple but playful system that offers a wide range of design possibilities. 

Photocredit: Tom Witschel
Photocredit: Tom Witschel


The sphere forms the fixed element on the wall where all elements are clicked into place. The bars with their cross pins serve as hooks and as a storage tray, panels extend the system. These are also clicked into the spheres and a rod is inserted through the hole in the panel; the transverse pins of the rods serve as a support for the panel. An S-shape as well as a lamp complete the system.


The individual elements of Magunetto are available in two versions: Either completely in natural ash or the spheres painted black, the rods natural ash and the cross pins painted orange-red and petrol-blue. The panels are also available in two versions: Raw metal and stainless steel mirror polished. Since it can be used alone as a mirror or magnetic board.

The size of Magnuetto is divided into 3 rod lengths, 2 ball sizes, 2 pane sizes, 1 S-shape and 1 lamp size. This allows you to create your very own individual Magunetto.



  • Rods (Ø2cm / 170cm / 130cm / 80cm)
  • Balls (Ø8cm / Ø5cm)
  • Panes (Ø30cm / Ø16cm)
  • S-shape (length 26cm / width 30cm)
  • lamp (Ø2cm / length 50cm)

Photocredit: Tom Witschel