Ara – The power of a small wire

The installation is based on nature studies and demonstrates the effectiveness of the smart material shape memory alloy. The potency of the small wire sets the heavy brass rods which are circular arranged in motion. The expanded shape memory alloy wire spiral is only stretched between two alternate rods. As soon as the electrical power activates the installation the spiral will be able to pull the rods to a twisted bundle together. If the power stops, the wire cools down and loses his potency. So the rods oscillate until the next contraction comes. The idea of the installation is to show in a elegant way the power of the smart material. With the knowledge of the Fraunhofer IWU I was able to work on the technical details and be able to activate the movement just by walking by.

Formgedächtnislegierung, shape memory alloy, Fraunhofer IWU, smart hoch 3, Design, Installation