Stria – Child bike seat & basket

Fahrradkindersitz, Design, Sitz als Korb, Victoria Palm, Design, Kids Design Award Nominated

Stria is not only a child bike seat but also a basket! It combines two situations: transport the child safely

and do grocery shopping without brining an extra bag. In three steps and without any extra tool the seat can

be converted easily to a basket: push the seat back, pull the headrest out, click it in front of the seat and close the sides with a net which is hidden in the seat cushion. The head- and the footrest can be adjusted with the orange wheels which function with a plug-in principle. For additional security in traffic the wheels are reflectors. The two situations and the new design combined in Stria makes the child bike seat no longer a bulky part of your bike.


Inspired by the light geometry of a bicycle, the child bike seat is built up with ribbons to create a lightweight fit that also functions as a basket. The complete seat has been made by me as a prototype by hand.

Fahrradkindersitz, Design, Victoria Palm, Fahrardkorb und Sitz, Kids Design Award