Sazza – slightly different

The way we prepare our food today is inspired by many different cultures that we can enjoy every day. The way we use our cutlery has slowly changed. The knife is no longer the most important part as it always has been. Its purpose has always been to cut things smaller, but our dishes are now prepared and served in smaller portions. So the fork has become the most widely used cutlery. The knife is only a help to push the food onto the fork. When we have to cut larger food like a steak, we always get a special extra sharp and extra long steak knife for eating - which also looks much more aggressive than our menu knife. This is one of the best expressions to describe how our food and table culture has changed today. We don‘t see today‘s menu knife as sharp and the only cutting tool. The theoretical basis for this insight was „The Process of Civilization“ by Norbert Elias, as well as the trends of today‘s cooks and the handling and customs of our cutlery. As a result, we need to cut the knife less and less and violence at the table is pushed into the background. In order to express this change, the cutting edge is shortened, but not the blade and the tip is not rounded, but completely „cut off“.


Currently Sazza is being expanded to include other cutlery pieces and will be manufactured and sold at Jarosinksi&Vaugoin in Vienna during the course of the year. 


Sazza. Modernes Besteck Design mit besonderem Messer. Der Entwurf besteht aus Gabel, Löffel, und Messer. Victoria Palm Design, Masterarbeit, Abschluss Projekt

Basically all three parts have the same length and the same handle to create a uniform relationship. All in all my cutlery is somewhat smaller, but not shorter. Consciously the spoon is not so deep and the fork is narrower to propagate an enjoyable eating experience. My cutlery shows the slow change in the way we deal with and prepare food today. It is an expression of the creeping change that is taking place, as Norbert Elias also described it.

Modelle chaotisch als Haufen fotografiert

The whole design is based on the shape of the knife. The cutting edge gets wider and grows into the handle and the top profile is in reverse to the bottom. The wider cutting edge and back of the knife hide the blade and give it a less aggressive appearance. From first sketches to foam and 3D modells was the shape of every single piece definded. The final modell is made out of 925 silver. It was 3D printed in wax, than poured off in silver and mirror finished polished.